In our first episode we will show you a trick for adjusting free play gain in a Rekluse automatic clutch for a hydraulic bike.

Episode 5 Kevin talks about Rekluse's 3 different automatic clutch options for dirtbikes, what the benefits are, and how to adjust them.

In this episode find out how to check if your cylinder is cast iron or nikasil.

How to inspect and maintain your Rekluse manual clutch.

Learn about the products Innteck has to offer for your braking system and why they're so beneficial.

Some in-depth Rekluse tech on the automatic disk.

Find out how the smart turn system works, how easy it is to install and why you need one!

What parts you should be sending in with your job to be machined and why.

Find out how to check the ring end gap on your cylinder.

This weeks #MongooseMondays features the differences between SKF's standard and heavy duty fork seals and what kind of rider would benefit from the heavy duty.
Today Kevin tells us what comes inside Rekluses Rear Brake Kit, how to mount them, and how it benefits you as a rider.

Find out what comes inside SKF’s wheel seal & bearing kit and why you need this product for your bike.

Kevin tells us all about Rekluses brand new factory formulated oil.

Today we go into detail about why you should be getting your cylinder ports chamfered and the repercussions if you don't.

Check out what options Rekluse has to offer for V-Twin engines.

What you probably didn’t realize when you’re exchanging and buying used cam caps.

Installing mud scrapers to your bike.

Learn about steel intake conversion kits, the brands we distribute, and the machine work we offer at Mongoose Machine

The benefits of using SKF's glide kits and what comes inside the kit.

Learn all the benefits of the torqdrive technology, what comes inside the different kits as well as why you as a rider need this.

Learn the process of rebuilding a crankshaft and what parts we distribute here at Mongoose!

Today we have special guest OC from SuspensionWerx in North Vancouver telling us some more in-depth information about our glide kits and how these benefit the rider.

Back at SuspensionWerx with OC we get to talk a little about mountain bike suspension & what SKF parts we have to offer for you.

When should you be getting your cylinder replated?

In this episode Kevin explains the difference between cast and forged pistons and what brands we distribute at Mongoose Machine.

Kevin talks about Rekluses Manual options: Core Manual, Core Manual with Torqdrive, and the Torqdrive Clutch Pack

Find out how often you should be checking up on your auto clutch and how to do so when the time comes.

#MongooseMondays is not always smooth sailing - check out our bloopers!

Kevin tells us how your little rider could benefit from a Rekluse clutch.

Why you need your cylinder honed, the differences with nikasil cylinders, and more!

Don't waste your time and money by missing out on small part add-ons that you WILL need to complete fixing your engine!

Some behind the scenes of the trial and error we sometimes go through when filming #mongoosemondays. Thanks for all your support - onto #mongooseminute!